Obtained patent for light guide material Certificated National High-tech Enterprises

With the further expansion of the company scale and the gradual improvement of the brand image, on June 1, 2017, the company entered a new stage. Following the ownership of a single-storied office building, the headquarters of the company relocated to Zhong Lane, Kanglong Road, Henglan Town, Zhongshan City 1 bright and spacious office. After the company move, we will continue to work together in line with the concept of "self-development, service to make friends; self-improvement, quality competition for the market" for the purpose of providing customers around the world the best quality equipment and technical services.

Looking at the present, we are complacent: show the future, we pride. On the occasion of the relocation of the company, we are very grateful to all the partners all over the world who have given us support and affirmation for a long time and would like us to make progress together and develop together.