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Mingshi extruded acrylic octagonal rods

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Mingshi extruded acrylic octagonal rods

Mingshi extrude acrylic octagonal rods are suitable for many structural and creative applications, as well as fabrication projects. In order to ensure the high level of transparency, we used high light transmittance raw materials, strictly controlled production process, to ensure the purity of the material, while also greatly enhance the products quality.


Extruded acrylic octagonal rods key features

● Extruded acrylic octagonal rods have superior optical clarity

● Extruded acrylic octagonal rods have high temperature resistance

● Extruded acrylic octagonal rods have good UV stability

● Extruded acrylic octagonal rods have excellent electrical insulation

● Extruded acrylic octagonal rods satin or glossy surface are available

● Extruded acrylic octagonal rods can achieve co-extrusion

● Extruded acrylic octagonal rods can be chose the specifications and colors

● Extruded acrylic octagonal rods in standard and customized sizes are available

Product Detail

Product Tags

Mingshi extrude acrylic octagonal rods has exceptional clarity and light transmission,its special performance can meet the requirements of customers for different applications to a certain extent, and years of extrusion experience can ensure the quality of products.


Customized extruded acrylic octagonal rods

Mingshi provides the acrylic octagonal rods customized service for acrylic octagonal rods. We specialize in customizing acrylic octagonal bar, with nearly 20 years of extrusion experience, complete process and equipment, there is no need to worry about product quality. Any size and color is available.

Secondary operation services for acrylic octagonal rods from Mingshi as below:

● CNC Cutting
● Machining
● Lathing
● Drilling
● Threading
● Milling

● Grinding
● Gluing
● Bending
● Polishing
● Printing
● Sandblasting


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Octagonal rods

Acrylic octagonal rods application:

ØIlluminated handrails

ØBathroom lighting

ØBuses and trains

ØGreenhouse lighting

ØIndustrial lighting

ØOffice lighting

ØMedical application

ØAdvertising application

ØContemporary furniture

ØLighting design

ØArchitecture and building facades


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