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Mingshi extruded acrylic streak tubes

Short Description:

Mingshi extrudes the acrylic tubes almost 20 years, we have experienced technical team will design the plans for customer according to their need requirement. Acrylic streak tubes can used in the different places for decoration.


Extruded acrylic streak tubes key features

● Extruded acrylic streak tubes have superior optical clarity

● Extruded acrylic streak tubes have high temperature resistance

● Extruded acrylic streak tubes have good UV stability

● Extruded acrylic streak tubes have excellent electrical insulation

● Extruded acrylic streak tubes satin or glossy surface are available

● Extruded acrylic streak tubes can achieve co-extrusion

● Extruded acrylic streak tubes can be chose the specifications and colors

● Extruded acrylic streak tubes in standard and customized sizes are available

Product Detail

Product Tags

Mingshi extrudes acrylic streak tubes has many years, so we have mature production system and experienced production team, can provide the custom service. Customers can put forward with their own ideas for customization, any size and color is available.


Customized extruded acrylic streak tubes

Mingshi can custom acrylic streak tubes to meet customers requirement, so customers can put forward their own ideas, our technical team will combine with customer needs for design and production. We produce the acrylic streak tubes with beautiful appearance, which can be used in different application. Customized acrylic streak tubes to the maximum extent to meet customer requirements for different specifications, fit their application requirements.

Secondary operation services for acrylic streak tubes from Mingshi as below

ü CNC Cutting

ü Machining

ü Lathing

ü Drilling

ü Threading

ü Milling

ü Grinding

ü Gluing

ü Bending

ü Polishing

ü Printing

ü Sandblasting

Acrylic streak tubes application

Ø Bathroom lighting

Ø Buses and trains

Ø Greenhouse lighting

Ø Industrial lighting

Ø Office lighting

Ø Medical application

Ø Advertising application

Ø Contemporary furniture

Ø Lighting design


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