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Mingshi extruded clear acrylic rod

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We produces a wide variety of extrusion acrylic rods. Through a complete heat treatment processes, we reduce stress and enhance processing stability, the product has good tensile strength. In order to ensure the high level of transparency, we used high light transmittance raw materials, strictly controlled production process, to ensure the purity of the material, while also greatly enhance the products quality.


Acrylic rod key features

● Acrylic rod has high clarify

● Acrylic rod is versatile

● Acrylic rod has good UV resistant

● Acrylic rod has excellent outstanding weather ability

● Acrylic rod is more impact resistant than glass

● Acrylic rod can be chosen the diameter

● Acrylic rod has high dimensional accuracy and excellent circularity

● Acrylic rod can be recyclable

Product Detail

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Clear acrylic rod offers excellent light transmission and brilliance. It is characterised by almost flawless optical clarity and smooth surface finish.


Standard Extruded Clear Acrylic Rods From Mingshi

Mingshi clear acrylic extruded rods are available in a wide variety of diameters and wall thicknesses in order to satisfy the different requirements of our customers.

Please check the specifications of our standard acrylic rods.

Round Rod Outside Diameter

Φ2mm Φ17mm Φ32mm Φ47mm Φ75mm
Φ3mm Φ18mm Φ33mm Φ48mm Φ80mm
Φ4mm Φ19mm Φ34mm Φ49mm Φ85mm
Φ5mm Φ20mm Φ35mm Φ50mm Φ90mm
Φ6mm Φ21mm Φ36mm Φ51mm Φ100mm
Φ7mm Φ22mm Φ37mm Φ53mm Φ110mm
Φ8mm Φ23mm Φ38mm Φ54mm Φ120mm
Φ9mm Φ24mm Φ39mm Φ55mm Φ130mm
Φ10mm Φ25mm Φ40mm Φ56mm Φ150mm
Φ11mm Φ26mm Φ41mm Φ57mm Φ160mm
Φ12mm Φ27mm Φ42mm Φ58mm Φ180mm
Φ13mm Φ28mm Φ43mm Φ59mm Φ200mm
Φ14mm Φ29mm Φ44mm Φ60mm
Φ15mm Φ30mm Φ45mm Φ65mm
Φ16mm Φ31mm Φ46mm Φ70mm

Customized Extruded Clear Acrylic Rods From Mingshi

Mingshi is the specialist for individual customer requirements

Ø Special diameters are available

Ø Any lengths is available

Ø High impact resistant

Ø Any colors is available

Ø Two options on surface: smooth or satin

Ø Special shapes are available


Line rods


Twist line rods


Special rods


Bubble rods


Square rods


Triangle rods


Half round rods


Hexagonal rods


Octagonal rods

Secondary Operation Services For Acrylic Tube From Mingshi As Below

ü CNC Cutting

ü Machining

ü Lathing

ü Drilling

ü Threading

ü Milling

ü Grinding

ü Gluing

ü Bending

ü Polishing

ü Printing

ü Sandblasting

Acrylic Rod Applications

ØLighting design

ØInterior design

ØCrafts and DIY

ØGarden design

ØCurtain accessories

ØStaircase banister spindle

ØArchitecture and building facades

ØDisplay stands and house decoration



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