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Mingshi special in the acrylic and PC extrusion product almost 20 years, we always committed to manufacture good products for customer and we have seven production lines that can meet mass production. We specialize in variety acrylic rods extrusion and can meet different customer requirements.

We manufacture luminous acrylic rods recently, which are made of acrylic material with luminescent powder, and the luminescent powder is added to the raw material in proportion. After adding luminescent powder, the acrylic rods absorbs light for 10-20 minutes and then can glow for more than 8-10 hours. In the production process, our technical engineer pay attention to the product situation and constantly adjust the machine to ensure manufacture the good product. When tested in the dark, the luminous acrylic rods have very bright. If you want to achieve different colors, you can add fluorescent pigments and dyes to the luminescent powder for color mixing, but the luminescent effect will be reduced.

We use luminescent powder does not contain any radioactive elements, non-toxic and harmless, and does not endanger human safety. As for the amount of luminescent powder, we will adjust it according to customers’ requirements. Luminous acrylic rods can be used in different application, such as outdoor lighting, art design lighting, etc. Luminous acrylic rods has the beautiful appearance and any shape is available. We can provide customized service for customer, which can meet all your requirements.

Mingshi has experience for extruding the acrylic rods, and we have complete production system and the secondary operation service. Through manufacture luminous acrylic rods, it proves that we have enough ability to produce new products for customers. We have a strict quality supervision system and strive to make the best quality products for customers.

Post time: Sep-29-2022