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Mingshi customized acrylic profiles

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Mingshi customized acrylic profiles

Mingshi manufacture acrylic profiles almost 20 years, we can provide the customized plan for acrylic profiles. Customer can propose their own customization plan for acrylic profiles, and can choose any size, color and the shape. Our customized acrylic profiles can be used in different application.


Customized acrylic profiles key features

● Customized acrylic profiles have high light transmittance

● Customized acrylic profiles have high temperature resistance

● Customized acrylic profiles have excellent electrical insulation

● Customized acrylic profiles have good UV stability

● Customized acrylic profiles can be co-extrusion

● Customized acrylic profiles satin or glossy surface are available

● Customized acrylic profiles can be chose different shapes and colors

● Customized acrylic profiles in standard or customized sizes are available

Product Detail

Product Tags

Mingshi provide customized acrylic profiles for different customers special requirement. We have many years of extrusion experience can ensure the quality of products. Customer choose the customized acrylic profiles achieve any what they require.

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Customized extruded acrylic profiles

Mingshi provides the acrylic profiles customized service for customers. Acrylic profiles can be choose the specification, color and shape. Our customized acrylic profiles reflect our product personalized service, customer provide their design drawing or ideas then we will achieve that. We have strict quality control system, which conducts comprehensive quality control from production to processing, so ensure product quality and win the trust of customers.

Secondary operation services for customized acrylic profiles from Mingshi as below

● CNC Cutting

● Machining

● Lathing

● Drilling

● Threading

● Milling

● Grinding

● Gluing

● Bending

● Polishing

● Printing

● Sandblasting

Customized acrylic profiles application

● Illuminated handrails

● Bathroom lighting

● Buses and trains

● Industrial lighting

● Office lighting

● Medical application

● Advertising application

● Interior design

● Lighting design

● Architecture and building facades

Mingshi is the specialist of customized acrylic profiles, we are committed to meeting the special requirements of our customers. If you are interested in know more or create the new project, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

architectural lighting
Decorative illumination

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