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Mingshi extruded frosted acrylic rods

Short Description:

Mingshi acrylic rods is a transparent material with outstanding strength and stiffness, and good optical clarity. We provide the frosted acrylic rods can meet your requirements for lighting. We also can be formulating the most suitable material based on the specific application of your design. We have almost 20 years of extrusion acrylic rods experience, and worth with the support and trust of you.


Frosted acrylic rods key features

● Frosted acrylic rods have excellent optical properties

● Frosted acrylic rods have good UV stability

● Frosted acrylic rods are durable

● Frosted acrylic rods have high temperature resistance

● Frosted acrylic rods have high light transmittance

● Frosted acrylic rods are can meet different shapes

● Frosted acrylic rods have high impact strength

● Frosted acrylic rods can be chose the colors and lengths

● Frosted acrylic rods have different diameters

● Frosted acrylic rods can in co-extrusion

Product Detail

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We used high light transmittance raw materials, strictly controlled production process, to ensure the purity of the material, while also enhance frosted acrylic rods quality. Its frosted surface allows light to be distributed evenly and then achieve the best lighting. We can customize acrylic rod of the different colors and sizes for your special application.


Customized Extruded Clear Acrylic Rods From Mingshi

Mingshi provide custom frosted acrylic rods, our team will provide the customized acrylic rods plan for

Ø Special diameters are available

Ø Any lengths is available

Ø High impact resistant

Ø Any colors is available

Ø Two options on surface: smooth or satin

Ø Special shapes are available


Line rods


Twist line rods


Special rods


Bubble rods


Square rods


Triangle rods


Half round rods


Hexagonal rods


Octagonal rods

Would you like to start your personal customization? Contact us to discuss more!

Secondary Operation Services For Frosted Acrylic Rods From Mingshi

ü CNC Cutting

ü Machining

ü Lathing

ü Drilling

ü Threading

ü Milling

ü Grinding

ü Gluing

ü Bending

ü Polishing

ü Printing

ü Sandblasting

Frosted Acrylic Rods Application

Ø Clothing rack

Ø Lighting design

Ø Interior design

Ø Crafts and DIY

Ø Garden design

Ø Curtain accessories

Ø Staircase banister spindle

Ø Architecture and building facades

Ø Display stands and house decoration

Ø Advertising decorated lighting

Mingshi extruded frosted acrylic tube is worthy of your trust, please don’t hesitate contact us, we will provide our best products and service to you.


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