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What is Mingshi Acrylic and Polycarbonate products Extrusion

What is Mingshi extrusion

Mingshi extrusion is a process where a material is pushed through a tool with a specialized shape called a die, producing continuous objects of a fixed cross sectional profile and then to meet various applications.

How extruded acrylic /polycarbonate is made

Acrylic/polycarbonate extrusion is a normally high volume manufacturing process where a polymer material, enriched with the desired additives, is melted and formed in a continuous process.

(1)First, the raw material (polymer) in the form of granulates, is gravity fed into the hopper and through the feed throat, drops on a rotating screw. Then the electric motor provides screw rotation to force the plastic forward through a heated barrel.

(2)As the acrylic/polycarbonate is conveyed through the barrel the channel or thread of the screw decreases, thus compressing the acrylic/polycarbonate.

(3)Three or more independent Proportional Integral Derivative PID controllers, creating zones of gradually increasing temperature, heat the barrel. The acrylic/polycarbonate melt temperature is normally higher than the set temperature for the controllers and this additional heat is generated through a combination of compressive force and shear friction (shear heat).

(4)When the plastic melt reaches the end of the screw the plastic melt is well mixed and pushed through a screen pack, supported by a breaker plate, filtering contaminants and removing the materials rotational memory.

(5)Finally the filtered melt is then pushed through the die. The die gives the final product the desired profile and shape. After exiting the extruder the extrudate is pulled and cooled.


Mingshi top-ranked extrusion acrylic/polycarbonate product for your choice

The internet has many extrusion acrylic/polycarbonate product manufacturers. However, choosing the most reliable from the numerous options isn't easy. If you are looking for the quality acrylic/polycarbonate products, Mingshi is worthy your choice. As one of the top-ranked manufacturers, Mingshi was founded in 2004 and had almost 20 years of experience in extruding acrylic/polycarbonate. On top of that, we are good at meeting your customized needs.


Why choose Mingshi to custom acrylic/polycarbonate products?

Our specialists are prepared to provide you with innovative solutions for your applications, from design stage to the real products. At the same time, We work with industry-leading raw material manufacturers, such as Mitsubishi, Chimei, Covestro and Teijin etc. Mingshi use advanced technology and high quality raw materials, the production of products will certainly live up to your expectations.

If you feel that extruded acrylic/polycarbonate would be a good fit for your project, Mingshi will help you find the right extruded acrylic/polycarbonate products.

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Post time: May-01-2022