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Mingshi customized acrylic lens with 30 degree beam angle

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Mingshi is your reliable, flexible and responsive OEM/ODM partner, providing extruded acrylic lens and polycarbonate lens manufacturing services that deliver complete product solutions. Our broad experience and strong R&D team will help you realize design you want, committed to providing you with the best custom lens, if you have more ideas on the beam angle, please let us know and we will design the appropriate scheme for you.


Customized acrylic linear lens features

● Customized acrylic lens with different light beam angles base on client’s requirement

● Customized acrylic lens color can be customized such as transparent,opal white,colored

● Customized acrylic lens can be satin, frosted surface and opal diffuser

● Customized acrylic lens in high polish finishing and uniform light source

● Customized acrylic lens has UV resistant

● Customized acrylic lens can be in different light transmittance

● Customized acrylic lens has optical properties

● Customized acrylic lens offer a great balance of strength, weather ability and clarity

● Customized acrylic lens has flame resistance

Product Detail

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As a acrylic linear lens supply company steeped in integrity and altruism, we've always been dedicated to producing the highest-quality products for the lighting company, quality never to be compromised by price point.

We've developed custom acrylic linear lenses to meet our customers' needs, and achieve the best light output possible while delivering the most lumen output.


Extruded Acrylic Linear Lens Specifications

ü Material: optical acrylic material

ü LED: 3535, 3030, 2853, 3014

ü Designed for RGB, color mixing and white light LED sources

ü Standard beam angles: 20 degree, 40 degree, 60 degree

ü Customized beam angles are available

ü Finishing: frosted finishing or smooth finishing

ü Uniform diffuse light distribution

ü Color: transparent, translucent, opal or anything else you need

ü Custom-made sizes, shapes and length

Extruded Acrylic Lens Application

Ø Wall wash lighting

Ø Bookshelf lighting

Ø Showcase lighting

Ø Refrigerator lighting

Ø Cabinet lighting

Ø Shelf lighting

Ø Led profile lighting

Ø Cabinet lighting

Ø Stair lighting

Ø Ceiling lighting

Ø Decoration lighting


Service And Technical Support From Mingshi

ü Concept refinement

ü Design renderings

ü Modeling

ü Tooling manufacturing

ü Related testing

ü Product certifications if client’s need

ü First article inspection

ü Label printing and custom packaging

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