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Mingshi optical acrylic linear lenses with 20 degree beam angle

Short Description:

The acrylic linear lenses from Mingshi are molded by extrusion and designed for linear distributions using. We are continuously researching and developing further parts to support customer’s needs. We can also develop and produce optical linear lenses based on customer drawing.


Optical acrylic linear lenses features

● Optical acrylic linear lenses have high polish surface, different light beam angles

● Optical acrylic linear lenses can be supplied in any length

● Optical acrylic linear lenses have UV resistance

● Optical acrylic linear lenses have flame resistance

● Optical acrylic linear lenses support integration design

● Linear optics that work with any distance between the LEDs

● Additional built-in diffusion can assist with color over angle uniformity

● Flat top or convex lens top design with tabs make it easy to slide into the luminaire housing

Product Detail

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At Mingshi, we’ve designed and developed three standard acrylic lenses that provides customers with the best light output possible while delivering the most lumen output. These lenses are made from optical PMMA material and are available in different light beam angles.


Optical Acrylic Linear Lenses Typical Specifications

ü Material: optical acrylic material

ü LED: 3535, 3030, 2853, 3014

ü Designed for RGB, color mixing and white light LED sources

ü Standard beam angles: 20 degree, 40 degree, 60 degree

ü Finishing: frosted finishing

ü Uniform diffuse light distribution

ü Color: transparent

ü Dimensions: W24*H9mm, W24*H8mm, W24*H6.8mm

Optical Acrylic Linear Lenses Application

Ø Wall wash lighting

Ø Bookshelf lighting

Ø Showcase lighting

Ø Refrigerator lighting

Ø Cabinet lighting

Ø Shelf lighting

Ø Led profile lighting

Ø Cabinet lighting

Ø Stair lighting

Ø Ceiling lighting

Ø Decoration lighting


Service And Technical Support From Mingshi

Mingshi team is dedicated to providing highly personalized service and support for all your lighting projects.

We offer great molds, excellent services, and valuable resources to support your vision and your business goals. Our knowledge, experience and in-house manufacturing capabilities will help you design the best acrylic lenses for your applications.

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