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Mingshi customized extruded acrylic linear lens

Short Description:

As a manufacturer, Mingshi uses the extrusion process to produce linear lens made of acrylic for our customers with high light transmission and the highest surface qualities. We provide custom service of acrylic linear lens, we can meet customers’ special needs for acrylic lenses, any angle, size and color are available. Custom acrylic linear lens is the best reflection of our inclusiveness and innovation.


Customized acrylic linear lens features

● Customized acrylic linear lens with different light beam angles base on client’s requirement

● Customized acrylic linear lens color can be customized such as transparent, opal white, colored

● Customized acrylic linear lens can be satin, frosted surface and opal diffuser

● Customized acrylic linear lens in high polish finishing and uniform light source

● Customized acrylic linear lens has UV resistant

● Customized acrylic linear lens can be in different light transmittance

● Customized acrylic linear lens has optical properties

● Customized acrylic linear lens offer a great balance of strength, weather ability and clarity

● Customized acrylic linear lens has flame resistance

Product Detail

Product Tags

Mingshi provide custom acrylic linear lens can meet customer different requirements, especially the light angle and specification, we can develop and produce linear lens based on customer drawing or their ideas. We have the experience of production for 18 years, we can manufacture the acrylic linear lens to your satisfaction and achieve the best lighting.


Customized Acrylic Linear Lens Application

Ø Wall wash lighting

Ø Bookshelf lighting

Ø Showcase lighting

Ø Refrigerator lighting

Ø Cabinet lighting

Ø Shelf lighting

Ø Led profile lighting

Ø Cabinet lighting

Ø Stair lighting

Ø Ceiling lighting

Ø Decoration lighting


Service And Technical Support For Acrylic Linear Lens From Mingshi

ü Concept refinement

ü Design renderings

ü Modeling

ü Tooling manufacturing

ü Related testing

ü Product certifications if client’s need

ü First article inspection

ü Label printing and custom packaging

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